Ideas for a Couples Sensual Loving Workshop

Hosts: (Needed) Dave is willing to help lead such a workshop especially in Phoenix, Toronto or Victoria if at some point there is enough interest and at least one local women "angel" to assist.

The Sensual Loving Workshop focuses on loving communication and sensual touching. We will focus on the skills helpful to sharing love with each other through intimate touch. Demonstrations will be followed by exercises and facilitated discussions of people's experiences in a caring, safe, supportive environment. Clothing may be optional for some of the exercises. Topics will include communication skills, hygiene, and massage techniques.

Our focus is foremost to create a loving and safe atmosphere to share and have fun. To that end we require:

Prior participation in a Introduction Meeting.

Respect for the privacy and confidentiality of others.

Respect for others' unique viewpoints or beliefs.

Abstinence from intoxicating substances during the workshop.


Your presence.

Items you may wish to bring, if you have them: Sheets and towels, lotion or oil (lotion preferred), massage table (let us know if you will bring one), a small pillow. We are looking forward to a wonderful sharing experience