Massage - A Touching Experience
Therapeutic And Pleasurable

Types of Massage - All therapeutic

For me this is the best kind of massage especially with a trained touch angel which may also involve a combination of various types of massage. For example my favorite Esalen massage in which I was professionally trained about 20 years ago, combines loving relaxation with therapeutic massage. While it is very sensual, Esalen itself is not sexual massage.

Part of the attitude of Esalen is that touching is a basic need, as essential as air, food or water: that caring about others is natural; that getting in touch with one's own body leads to a more effective way of loving and relating to others, and that healing comes from within as well as from the outside. For much more information on Esalen massage see

Relaxation Massage
Relax and feel totally taken care with the giver doing caring touch massage. Esalen is the best example of loving touch massage. The goal is not to be sexual or reach an orgasm, but just relax, feel cared for without pressure to have a sexual release.

Traditional Medical Therapeutic Massage
It's good for the body flushing out toxins and relaxing muscles. In my case I have a chronic tight neck and shoulders. This is quite common and I have learned good deep muscle neck techniques to work these tight muscles. A professional therapist is trained to do lymphatic massage and know how to get those tight muscles to let go. With out high stress lives, muscle tension especially in the back, shoulders and neck is very common.

Breast massage
It is therapeutic, besides being sensual.  I enjoyed doing good breast massage in Toronto area nude strip clubs with a lot of great response from dancers as well as in the nude-reverse adult massage parlors in the Toronto area. It was far different than the poking and groping they are more use to from men.  See my article "
Female Breast Massage for Better Health" for details on the many health benefits of female breast massage. I also share detailed techniques as well as the legal issues in the U.S. vs. most of the rest of the world without the U.S. sexualization of breasts in our laws and attitudes. But in Phoenix I lack willing breasts to practice on :(

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage session is similar to a Swedish style relaxation massage except that hot stones are expertly used to assist in the relaxation process. Hot stones are placed on tight muscles and the heat is allowed to “soak” deep into the muscles. While tight muscles are relaxing under the slight weight and heat of stationary stones, other hot stones are used in the massage of the other muscles. The edges of the stones can be used to get deep into hard to get at places. Large smooth stones glide along long muscles warming them and releasing tension. As stones cool, they are replaced by hot stones. After the session, the client is given a ten minute rest period to enhance the stress reducing effects of the work.  Some Hindu Tantra beliefs also consider spiritual power "connected to the earth" voodo but for us more connected to Western ideas their are also physical  not  just Hindu spiritual benefits.

Erotic Sexual Massage
The essence of the erotic/sexual massage includes the sensual, erotic development of one's awareness of their own sexuality but more importantly, as just one part of their over all sense of well being, comfort, relaxation and even rejuvenation. I have always thought it silly to call nonsexual massage 'therapeutic'. I think that everyone who understands the importance of human sexuality will agree that sexwork is 100% therapeutic. It relieves stress, calms nerves, gives a feeling of satisfaction, pleasure and an overall feeling of well being. What could be more therapeutic?

Sexual massage is very healing but in the U.S. we face legal restrictions with our "Taliban-like" anti-sex laws where healthy consenting adult sexual / erotic massage is demonized and punished.

In Phoenix vice cops take the big risk of lying on a massage table and endure a wonderful licensed massage therapist and then at the slightest sensuality busts them for "massaging to arose" since having arousal and release is so dangerous to our culture. Studies have shown the most sexually repressed cultures tend to also be the most violent as well as having more rape and sexual aggression when our natural need for sexual release is not satisfied in a caring way. In Canada, as in most of the world instead of chasing breasts and erotic stimulation, cops go after real crime with real victims. But real criminals have those nasty guns that go bang... instead of just dangerous breasts of touch angels.

Massage is one of the best ways to give and receive caring loving touch pleasure, and gives the receiving partner a chance to feel completely cared for by the massaging partner. Or, as I prefer, a wonderful interaction between both partners, caressing, holding, cuddling and massaging each other nude bodies in a wonderful duet of caring, loving pleasure sharing.

Erotic massage is one of the best ways to help someone achieve extended, multiple, or "whole body" orgasmic states.

But Great Erotic Massage is Rare
Sadly many erotic massage therapists, are not well trained nor have the positive caring attitude that is required for a great erotic massage experience. Too often it is just grab and yank sex. Or, as one massage therapist told me about a certain massage parlor, the attitude was "Get um in, Get um up, Get um off, and Get um out." Great erotic massage is very hard to find in Phoenix, especially at a reasonable cost. But it was the norm in Toronto area especially at Allure where I describe in details some of my great nude-reverse massage interactions at

Sample Comments by therapists and clients about sexual massage:
A male customer says: My therapist has always included genital massage techniques in her work. These techniques include prayer as a prelude (she cups my head in her hands and prays that the healing spirits and my angel will attend to me during the session. She helps set the mood as well with soul warming music, healing scents and a comfortable warm environment (no draping unless the air has a chill in it). She then uses her soft yet firm hands and expert rhythm and knowledge of my body to give me a truly wonderful full body, including of course, genital massage. Why all the fuss?"

A female therapist from California says: "I have been doing 'massages' as a part time supplement to my income. I have recently begun calling myself an 'escort' because whenever I had a massage scheduled, it usually turned into more, at the request of the client. I love giving more, but always do a thorough massage, and am always prepared to do just that. I am inclined to enjoy my work very much and whether it is just a 'massage' or a 'massage with the works' I have fun. I tend to be fun loving, but do take whatever I do seriously. I am a single mother of 3 children, trying to build a successful business with this, and am trying to establish a clientele of repeat customers. I try to determine through light conversation what they really want, and then go from there. I am not a licensed massage therapist, just someone who enjoys giving pleasure."

Another female therapist says: "I love doing sensual body rubs.  I am looking forward to coming to an area where my services are appreciated.  I am very good and have the ability to make my client feel "relieved" as well as energized after my session."

A Phoenix female therapist says: " Touch therapy is a powerful tool for self discovery. I use touch therapy to help people connect with themselves and in finding a meaningful place in the world. More simply put... I help people to reconnect with the pleasure of receiving compassionate touch and indulging, fully in the joy of that basic human need. I am sensitive to the desire to make a positive connection with the person providing a touch experience. The right energy between two people is critical to the healing and stress reduction process. I promise to do my very best to make your visit worth every moment of the valuable time you may choose to devote to healing yourself and learning to be at ease in your body."

I, Dave in Phoenix,
much prefer tender loving touch, hugging and snuggling before just going poof. I very much enjoy the shared good touch, loving interaction with a woman's emotions and spirit not just sexual pleasure with her body. The problem I have with just getting massaged, is if I detect a warm caring spirit, I want to "reach out" and share my touch with her since I enjoy giving good touch even more than just getting it. This is why I fell in love with the nude-reverse parlors in the Toronto area, where you both do nude massage on each other. I especially appreciated all the good reactions I received from like minded women who find it so rare to have someone with good touch skills doing the reverse phase.

Better than Girlfriends Idea (from Phoenix Private E-mail List)
1) Massagists have many exotic techniques for so-called manual release that I have NEVER found in girlfriends, wives, lovers or friends. Even after attempting to train such non-paid lovers in the arts, they never seem to really grasp the specific beauty of the concept of a great handjob. They generally insist on viewing it as some form of foreplay which precedes "real love making" or any number of other concepts in THEIR heads about sex. This changes the whole thing into something it is not when visiting a favorite massagist. Lovers miss the real point and benefit, which I see as, "I don't have to be concerned one iota at this time with any needs of the other person - I can simply take this as MY time for pleasure." Everyone has moments of such personal greed, I think.

2) There are often periods in one's life when a relationship (which will be needed in order to have sex) is NOT a desired thing. They are complex, time consuming, and often just downright frustrating. Not every person wants or needs that. But then, how do you have some sexual enjoyment? Go on phony dates and wrangle someone you really are not all that interested in into having sex? Then what? I believe that is one of the worst kinds of dating habits out there - - dating for sex. So, one alternative is the wonders of sensual massage - yes it is paid for - and yes it is almost ALWAYS more SATISFYING than the usual futzing and wrangling around of "first time sex" with a date. C'mon, we all know how fulfilling that is, right?

3) Assuming you have a "regular" massagist, with whom you have established rapport, trust, friendliness, confidence and honesty, you can REALLY, REALLY have some HIGH-QUALITY sexual relief/release at a cost that is about the same as "Dinner for Two and a Movie" - -- - if you see my point. I have had at least a reasonable number of lovers and sexual partners, but the pleasure of lying back, drifting into your own favorite fantasy while having a charming, sexy, witty massagist (MINE!) work your organ with style, ease, expertise and a keen eye to totally maxing-out YOUR pleasure is right up there at the top of my best experiences. This is not a justification for LMT's being prostitutes or any other similar subject - it is just a rational for why "paid services" are sometimes very useful, beneficial and DIFFERENT from lovers. ---mdd